Tantrafest Ticketing system 2023

This year we have changed the payment system for the tickets. Watch this video to find out how to pay for the Festival. Join our Estonian Tantra Festival 2023 We will meet you there!

Tantra Festival in Estonia 2023

We are doing it again. A new festival is coming this summer. It’s been a tradition for the past 8 years and we want it to grow.  Join us for this magical journey in wild nature of Estonian land. Come to our festival and be a part of a community.

Ronski Kosky interview

Ronski is introducing the concept of a living community where there is space for self-development and co-creation. Ronski has decades of experiences living in different communities and tons of materials about new education and tantra.

Charlie Vas

A world traveller, a mystery practitioner, a singer and songwriter. Charlie currently lives in Latvia, where he has been part of mystery circles, retreats, private sessions and various musical events.  With his partner Elina Vas, they are organising mystic retreats to connect to the divine in Panama, Latvia & Egypt. 

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