We are offering morning yoga at Tantra Festival.

Yoga classes outdoors. Group of adults attending yoga classes in the park. Healthy lifestyle. Being healthy in body and mind
Yoga helps to connect with our own consciousness, our higher self, and through it to connect with universal consciousness. Experience a deep connection with yourself, other peers, nature and the surrounding environment. Through mental and physical practices, we can stay at the center of our lives, bringing deeper satisfaction, acceptance, self-love to our lives, and care for our physical bodies. Practicing yoga does not require good physical shape or excellent flexibility, they come with yoga practices as an added bonus. Yoga is primarily aimed at calming the mind and connecting with your soul.

Morning is the best time of the day. ​

Take that time to set yourself up for the day, get in touch with your wonderful body and open your heart and mind to a bright new day. Find your new habit with a yoga teacher you love at Tantra Festival 2022.