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We are gathering again to create magic, beauty and radiance inside and around us.

In this 4 days we would like to inspire you and deepen your connection with your soul. Surrounded by magical nordic nature you can surrender and dive deeper into magical praticies and workshops. You can learn new massage practices and tantric bodywork. You can bring your body to vibration balance through sound healing. Walk in your inner world and let your body dance in ecstasy. Laugh and cry – all your feelings are welcome. Meet intresting and inspiring people and maybe you are lucky to meet your soulmate!

In this festival you will get delicious vegan meals thee times a day. Our professional stuff will serve a nutricious meals wich are made of seasonal vegetables and organic  raw ingredients.

You can find vegetarian snacks, raw cakes and healthy treats also in food area.

Best Estonian therapists will offer unique body- and energywork. At a Botique area you can admire different handigraft made with big heart.

You can relax in Estonian sauna and swim in the lake to become a part of nature.

Previous experience in tantra is not necessary. This is a place were you can taste the world of tantra. More experienced can dive deeper in advanced workshops and rituals. We welcome also all the couples to experience together. Try new pratices and bodywork to feel bliss and joy!

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