Kristjan Puusild

PHILOSOPH, psychologist

Kristjan Puusild

I am movement-oriented Jungian psychotherapist with a degree in psychology and philosophy. I have always been interested in the questions and answers about the nature of human soul. In my journey and search of myself, I have also delved into the nature and boundaries of the body through running marathons, dance, tantric practices, hikes and pilgrimage. I am convinced that finding myself in relation to the world and with other people it is an endless process. In this process become important coherence, integrity and balance of the psyche. Everyone has a different life periods for finding and maintaining all three in their own ways, methods, and lessons learned. I have experienced such lessons from both the inner and outer worlds, but especially when working with clients who have embarked on a path of self-development with the help of psychotherapy. At the festival, I kindly share my experiences and lessons on the exciting topics of psychology.

About the relations of spiritual aspiration and sexuality through the eyes of a psychologist

In the workshop I open the driving mechanisms and motives of spiritual aspiration. As in nature, the principle of conservation of energy applies to the psyche, and it is existentially important to maintain a balance despite ever new transformations and growths. Being human requires uniting opposites (coherence) holding them together (integrity) and the ability to keep balance. Life is made up of so many phenomena that constantly shake coherence, integrity and balance. Humans have to cope with, adapt to, combat or overcome these influences. Culture has given birth to a variety of methods and teachings, practices and approaches that support such challenges. At the same time, the psyche of every human being also has the capacity and readiness for self-preservation and self-transcendence.

The possibility and awareness of spiritual aspiration are both discoverable in oneself and acquired in culture. In the workshop, I open my vision of how and why.

Spiritual aspirations is different in different cultures, but in most cases they are still related to the body or physical practices and also to sexuality. We see it most directly in rites and initiations, in transition rituals.

In the lecture, I will open the "back stage" of sexuality in terms of how the human body can be used for spiritual growth, but it can also pull a person out of balance, into patterns, complexes, addictions, which can become an obstacle to spiritual aspiration. I share how in the process of psychotherapy it is possible to be aware of these dangers, accept one's tendencies (which may not be socially accepted), understand one's problems and open the way to personal growth, connecting, balancing and peace with one's most vulnerable and embarrassing parts.