Jon Skelton Pearson

Psychotherapist, Transformational life coach

Jon Skelton Pearson

Jon has worked as a psychotherapist, transformational life coach and yoga teacher for over thirty years. He began practising modern tantra in 2015 and served a five year apprenticeship with tantra master John Hawken: He is now a member of John’s Paths of Transformation Teaching Faculty. Jon is also completing his Awaken As Love training (combining modern tantra, Integral Theory and Biodanza) with James Stevenson, and has undertaken a six month intensive Tantrik Immersion in the Kaula/Trika tradition under the guidance of Christopher Hareesh Wallis.

Jon has always sought to penetrate to the heart of the Mystery, taking participative delight in how everything dances together. He meditates, stretches and worships daily and lives a tantric lifestyle with his wife, Rose (also a member of John’s Faculty).

Jon lives in Brighton, UK. He has a psychotherapy, coaching and supervision practice in-person and online. He teaches a combination of Classical and Modern Tantra worldwide. 

Jon Skelton Pearson 

Shivashakti Embodied Awakening

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First tantric experience was in 1984. I was drawn to meditate upon the Sri Yantra. Which caused the inside of my skull to fill with radiant light. 

First ‘modern tantric’ experience was in the arms of my wife who initiated me in 2016. 

I always have recourse to central channel work, microcosmic orbit circling, five-sense mindfulness, compassion practice and various forms of breath work. 

I would do tantric practice with Madonna, Judi Dench or Al Pacino: anyone with strong energy would be fun to play with. 

Most tantric movie: a toss-up between Star Trek 1, Live Die Repeat and Generation Z.


Dark Eros is the meisterwerk of legendary Tantra master John Hawken and this introduction is designed to whet the appetite of festival attendees who are curious and may want to take the Dark Eros six day intensive.

Essentially, Dark Eros dynamically explores the hidden aspects of ourselves, working on our dark and ‘unacceptable’ urges, our desire to transgress and our first chakra sexuality (the existential eroticism of being one’s self, as opposed to second chakra connection/energetic merging). We work with our desire to punish and be punished and our desire to control and be controlled. We work to transform sexual shame and guilt into healing, pleasurable energetic contact.

Dark Eros is not to be confused with BDSM. The latter arises out of compulsion and obsession, whereas Dark Eros practices take us into our deepest motivations so that we find liberation through joyful transgression.

In this workshop we will be undertaking two Dark Eros practices working with a partner. Nudity is optional but preferred. One of these practices will involve the use of a whip, not as an instrument of pain, but as a massage instrument for liberating, raising and moving energy.

The workshop will be led by Jon, who is trauma- and consent-informed.

Bring your open-minded, open-hearted self and a blanket and cushion to sit on.

Portal to Ecstacy: The Erotic Kashmiri Massage

This structure is for two people who wish to work at the deepest level of physical and emotional intimacy with one another. It consists of ritual space-making, a classic Kashmiri massage, and optionally, vajra/yoni pleasuring. 

 This space will get highly charged with erotic energy and your sense of self may well dissolve in this container. For this reason, we will establish a grounding in consent practice and boundary setting. Only when we have established deep safety will we ritually disrobe and commence the oiled massage. The addition of yoni/vajra pleasuring is optional and will be taught as a slow process encouraging sensitivity rather than stimulation in the tantric way.

I look forward to welcoming you into this sacred space which intends to align your physical desire, open heart and blazing spirit. 

Please come to the workshop with a partner with whom you are ready to experience this level of closeness. Bring your yoga mat, soft blanket, linen or towel and massage oil.