Tantra Festival Helsinki 2021

Tantra Festival 2021 is an event to help you reach your true self!

Why Tantra Festival?

Tantra Festival differs from other self-development-oriented festivals in a way that we introduce mainly tantric techniques and philosophy at the festival. Of course, you will also find other self-developmental practices, dancing, beautiful music, encounters with warm and open people, and teachings, knowledge and insights that can even be life-changing!

Perhaps meet your soul family or soulmate on this journey, take your relationship to a deeper level, find passion in your life, create joy and satisfaction within yourself!


Tantra Festival Helsinki will take place from October 29’th till 31’st 2021 at Joogakoulu Shanti in the centre of Helsinki. We start on Friday, October 29’th at 5:00 PM and end on Sunday, October 31’st at 6:00 PM.


You can buy a festival tickets HERE

The number of places is limited. If there are enough tickets, you can also buy a ticket on the spot in cash. We also sell unlimited ONLINE tickets for people to participate from home using a phone or a computer.


In case the festival is canceled due to the restrictions with the covid -19 pandemic, the festival tickets will be refunded to the buyers 93% or it is possible to use the purchased tickets at the 2022 tantra festival.


It is possible to stay at the venue during the festival. There is a kitchen, showers and mattresses for 50 attendees max. The number of accommodation places is limited, so the first ticket buyers have the best choice! We are expecting in total around 100 visitors to the festival.

Accommodation options and prices can be found under the ticket information.


We are broadcastin our festival online for those who are watching the event from their homes or offices. This is an opportunity for some of you to stay connected while being away. We want to deliver as clear and true-like experience for you as possible. For more information about the broadcast please follow that link: LIVE


This festival does not include meals, but there are plenty of cafeterias and restaurants around the school. There is also a kitchen where you can warm up your own meal. So we expect you to take care of your food during the breaks.


For those of you who crave for individual healing (for an additional fee), we have brought some of the best therapists from Finland and elswhere to the festival. They will offer bodywork  and energy-work sessions. All healing services must be booked in advance with the healers.


Tantra festival 2021 is firstly and foremost a quality time for you! Tantra festival is for everyone, no previous experience in tantra is required. The festival is exactly the place where you can peek into the tantric world for the first time or deepen your tantric path and accelerate your spiritual development.



If you have more questions about tantra or the festival, see if you can find your answers here.