Express yourself through the movement and music when youdance


The music program of the festival is diverse. We are playing modern shamanic house music and also traditional  music performances.

Extatic Dance

One decent festival includes music and dance! Yes, you can dance in ecstasy, feel the vitality and thirst for life through dance, and allow yourself to travel within with wonderful music. Dance is the oldest and most powerful practice in human history, which helps to shake off the stress int he body from sitting in an office chair and make energies move freely throughout the body. Dance yourself free without knowing any dance steps, listen to your body what it wants to express and move like you've never moved before. This is ecstatic dance.

Dance workshops

Contact Dance


At the festival, you will also find deeper dance practices in the contact improvisation dance workshop and ecstatic shamanistic trance dance.

See how it looks in a performance. 

And that's not all!

You can enjoy the visual beauty and breathtaking music at a powerful opening ceremony with some great surprises. Because we love to celebrate life. And we want to do it with you!