Charlie Vas

World traveller, mystery practicioner, singer and songwriter

Charlie Vas

CHARLIE VAS (Panama/Latvia) is a world traveller, a mystery practitioner, a singer and songwriter. Charlie currently lives in Latvia, where he has been part of mystery circles, retreats, private sessions and various musical events.  With his partner Elina Vas, they are organising mystic retreats to connect to the divine in Panama, Latvia & Egypt. 

For Charlie Vas’s music is more than just a concert. He uses it as a healing tool, as medium to connect to the internal reality of love.  With his voice and guitar, he touches the deepest strings of soul. He inspires listeners to live their dreams and connect to the cosmic flow.

In last year’s Charlie immersing himself in the mysteries of sacred geometry. He is offering workshops on how to activate and program the ‘Merkabah Light Body’.

His passion is to travel together with his family around the world to find and activate long forgotten energy points.


My first Tantric experience was in a Tantra-Yoga meeting in Panama 10 years ago, and it was a very beautiful kriya Yoga practice where a powerful moment of contemplation in the eyes of the couple deeply activated my internal flow of energy like never before.

Breathing, contemplation and conscious contact are common practices for me, these practices strengthen my body, mind and spirit through daily practice.

I think being aware of my breath at all times is one of the most powerful things I have learned.

Also maintaining a healthy and balanced dose of hugs and touches is very healthy for me. I like to feel and be felt.

I would like to have a Kashmiri Tantra session with Cleopatra to honor femininity and the body through conscious touch, and something deeper more mind meditative like Aghori Tantra with Sting, to explore creativity and different multidimensional states.

but I really enjoy achieving those states and connections with the beautiful non-celebrity souls around me.

I have no idea, I'm very bad with movies..