Charlie Jespergaard

Yoga instructor

Charlie Jespergaard

Charlie Jespergaard is an adventurous soul in a grounded body. He loves to create sacred spaces with his hands  and through his wild and spontaneous emotional music. Always interested in community and relating, Charlie has explored tantra for the last 25 years. Together with Petra Kaya he is creating an extended family of free people sharing love, communal living, gardening, natural building, touch, dance, and energy work. He has about 10 years’ experience living in an open relationship with Petra Kaya.


Charlie is also a Tantra Kriya Yoga (as taught by Anand Rudra) instructor. TKY is a practice that investigates and supports Life Energy and helps people connect deeply to themselves, the others, and Mother Nature.


He is also the co-creator of The Dragon Temple and Sacred Earth Festival in southern Finland.


A Circle about Open relationships. Charlie and Petra Kaya share about their journey together for the last 20 years. Together they went through many difficult things that you cannot avoid if you want to share your love life with more than one person. The participants are invited to share their stories and listen to the others.

It is time to understand the nature of Love and dare to follow our hearts if we want this world to be a beautiful place!

Facilitators: Charlie Jespergaard and Petra Kaya