Bella Laurfeld

Body- and Massage Therapist, Gentle Bio- Energetics Practitioner

Bella Laurfeld

Bella is a woman and a wisdom seaker. She considers Life itself to be her greatest teacher. She draws wisdom and experience through the reflections and mystique of life. She strikes a balance by being in harmony with nature and following the Ayurvedic path.

She works as a body- and massage therapist in Helsinki and Tallinn, also offering Gentle- Bioenergetics sessions. Her passion is working with people to help them make better contact with their bodies and feelings.

Through tantric lifestyle, she has found the juiciness of real life. “By accepting life with our challenges and joys, we can say yes to life! And in every situation. ” In her teachings, she always draws on her practical experience. Teachers are all around us - the forces of nature, people, situations and feelings.

Bella is cheerful and positive, radiating love and compassion. Together with Igor Earthchild, they organize retreats and workshops for couples in Europe and Asia. She also conducts women's circles in Helsinki.